Cracking the Fat Loss Code – Part 1

Crack the Fat-Loss Code Crack the Fat-Loss Code by Wendy Chant

This book was recommended to me by Marta. She read it on her Kindle, something I have not yet experienced. The idea of holding, in the palm of my hand, to the texts of hundreds of books is an intriguing thing, a power I’m not sure I’d be able to handle.

How does one talk about or review at diet book? It is, by far, the fastest growing genre in bookstores and thanks to both Oprah’s elastic weight and the rising levels of obesity it won’t be going anywhere. (A close second in growth rate, for those interested is ‘Urban’ or ‘African-American’ fiction.) This book, like many other books in the genre, I’m guessing, start with a 60-page explanation on this nutritionist’s theory on weight gain and loss as she infuses in her emphasis, which is metabolism with focus on protein, fat and carbs and their ratio of consumption. She says its not a diet book, it’s a way of life and theory of eating food, which it seems it entirely correct, but within the book there is an 8 week ‘reprogramming’ diet that involves week by week eating charts to ‘right’ ones metabolism and focus the eater on paying attention to what they eat.

So I decided, rather than talk about this as if I actually new something about nutrition or diet or diet books or fat loss, I would just do the program, and ‘reprogram’ my metabolism.

The whole program is really involved with daily food changes, balanced consumption of protein, fat and carbs. It will take a major day-by-day focus on shopping, prepping, cooking and eating. But, I’m looking to save a little money and lose a little weight, so why not devote eight weeks of my life to Wendy Chant’s fat-loss code.

So this is part 1. I’ll write something four weeks in to let you know how much weight I’m down and something else eight weeks from now.

This should make for the most complete and thorough review of any book I’ll read this year.


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